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Services Offered

Roseville Disc & Pain Center

Extentrac Elite 

Extentrac Elite is a multi-patented, non-surgical device for treating lower back pain due to protruding or herniated intervertebral disc, acute facet problem.

Activator Technique 

The activator takes the crack out of chiropractic and offer consistent low-force, high-speed adjustments. It is especially useful for peole with osteoporosis and serve immobility. 

Medical Cold Laser

Cold Laser therapy is a form of phototherapy involving the application of low power coherent light to injuries and lesions in order to resolve inflammation, accelerate tissue repair and relieve pain 


The Percussor is used to aid in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, scar tissue mobilization, and tendonitis.


The Adjustor is used in specific areas throughout the spine and extremities. This form of adjusting is more comfortable for patients who perfer not to be adjusted by hand, and in some situations may be more beneficial. 

Far Infrared Sauna 

The Far Infrared Sauna has many extraordinary health benefits. These benefits include detoxification, enhanced immune function, improved cardiovascular function, stress reduction, weight control (burns up to 600 calories in 30 minutes), cellulite redution, pain relief, and skin beautification (while being hypoallergenic and gentle) 

​Eb Footbath

The "EB" Cellular Cleanse Footbath is based on bioenergetics technology. It stimulates cellular energy and enhances the body's ability to cleanse itself naturally.